Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of Miami luxury home builders
Ricardo Halfen – Founder & CEO

During more than 10 years he led one of the most important development and construction firms in Venezuela, where he managed the entire development process, from land acquisition to construction, and sales. Projects included the development of shopping centers, multi-family residential condominiums, and high-end residential projects. He relocated to Miami in 2009 and brought with him his expertise in development and construction.

He is currently a board member of: Inelectra, an engineering and construction company in the energy sector. Education: MBA from Columbia University, a MS. (Engineering Economic Systems) from Stanford University, and a BS (Economics) from the Universidad Católica Andres Bello.

Eli Abadi

Partner and Operations Manager
Eli Abadi - Partner & Operations Manager

Eli was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2010, where he completed his Civil Engineering degree and Engineering Business minor from the University of Toronto in 2015. While at school, he started his professional career with Holcim, one of the largest building material suppliers in the world. After working at Holcim for two years and completing his degree, Eli relocated to Miami and started working with Treo Construction.

At Treo, Eli is responsible for the construction operations of our multi-million dollar residential projects. He oversees the scheduling, budgeting and quality assurance stages of the construction activities and is in charge of all systems and communication with the different stakeholders to ensure a quality product at a competitive price.

Ligia Maldonado

Administrative Manager
Ligia Maldonado - Administrative Manager

Ligia was born in Peru where she completed her Accounting degree at the Universidad Hermilio Valdizan de Huanuco in 1988. After more than 10 years of accounting and auditing professional experience, she relocated to Miami in 2002 where continued her career experiences and served as a volunteer for the IRS Vita Program.

Ligia joined Treo in 2014, where she oversees all the accounting, employee management and human resources tasks at the firm.

Mario Zambrano

Project Manager
Mario Zambrano - Project Manager

With more than 18 years of experience in construction, Mario started in the oil and gas industry in Venezuela where he worked for 5 years. With management responsibilities, he then continued his career working on important residential and commercial developments for 12 years. Mario graduated from the University of Carabobo as a Civil Engineer and has postgraduate studies in Construction Management. In 2018 he decided to move from Valencia, Venezuela to Miami.

As a Project Manager at Treo, Mario is responsible for managing multiple construction projects to meet the required quality standards, project schedule, and budget. He also manages the selection and coordination of subcontractors, processing of Building permits, and coordination of procurement activities.

Sebastian Arbelaez

Project Manager
Sebastian Arbelaez - Project Manager

Sebastian has been involved in the construction industry since he was a child, as his family owns a construction firm in Colombia. He graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Florida Gulf Coast University. He has been a General Contractor since 2021 and has over 6 years of project management experience. Sebastian has worked for well known construction companies and has contributed to the development of different projects throughout the City of Miami. At TREO, with his expertise and leadership, Sebastian ensures projects are delivered on-time and within scope. He is committed to success, as well as to hard work.

Kevin Meilan

Project Manager
Kevin Meilan – Project Manager

Kevin’s passion for construction has served as a guiding force throughout his life. In his 22 years, he obtained a Civil Engineering degree and a Financial Engineering diploma from Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela. After that, he worked with a well-known builder at the construction of residential and commercial projects. In 2016, he moved to Madrid to complete an MBA in Construction Management and worked for a big construction firm. A year later, he relocated to Miami, where he got the General Contractor license.

At TREO, with his expertise and attitude, Kevin ensures projects are delivered on-time and within scope to delight our sophisticated clients to the fullest. His biggest goal is to build your dream home with the best quality at the best price.

Gabriela Melendez

Project Manager
Gabriela Melendez - Project Manager

Gabriela was born and raised in Venezuela where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Universidad Simón Bolívar and her Masters in Project Management at the Universidad Católica Andres Bello. She is an experienced project manager in the commercial real estate and luxury real estate sectors, and has managed top-end luxury development projects in Venezuela, Panama, the Caribbean and, for the past 6 years, in South Florida.


Gabriela’s thorough understanding of both design and construction processes, her impeccable communication skills, and her ability to effectively co-ordinate the activities of architects, engineers, interior design and construction teams means her projects are consistently delivered on spec, on time, and on budget.

Mariana Larrazabal

Project Manager
Mariana Larrazabal – Project Manager

Mariana arrived in the US in 2017 from Venezuela where she graduated as an architect from the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas. She was first attracted to the construction business in her second year of university when she gained work experience at a renowned development firm. While there, she discovered a passion for making designs a reality and determined to develop her career at the intersection between design and construction where she could ensure constructability is embedded into the plans for new buildings.

Today she is a highly versatile Construction Project Manager who has worked in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and the United States in the residential, educational, and commercial sectors.

Since arriving in the US, she has focused on developing her passion for building highly customized luxury homes. She brings creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation to every project, and is highly proficient in employing design technology to advance project delivery.

Carlos Lozada

Project Manager
Carlos Lozada – Project Manager

Carlos is a construction professional with over 22 years of experience in this industry. He was born in Venezuela and earned his degree in Business Administration, specializing in construction and later managing his own General Construction firm. His company led numerous private and public projects. Carlos later moved to the U.S, where he continued his professional journey. He started as a superintendent for a nationwide general construction company and was later promoted to site manager, handling large construction projects in the commercial sector. Today, in his newest role, Carlos has joined Treo Construction, where he continues to develop his career as a project manager of luxury custom homes.

Mauricio Beyloune

Project Manager - Trainee
Mauricio Beyloune – Project Manager

Mauricio was born in Caracas, the son of European immigrants. He studied business and, early in his studies, found his passion in managing construction projects. He later moved to Spain, earning his MBA in Construction Management. After graduating, he has held different operations and construction management responsibilities for top engineering and construction firms on large-scale renewable energy projects worldwide. He moved temporarily to the U.S. to further his knowledge of construction management of high-end custom homes.

Miguel Moreno

Construction Estimator
Miguel Moreno – Construction Estimator

American/Venezuelan by birth, Miguel earned his Civil Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in Structures at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas. He worked with one of the most important development and construction companies in Venezuela (Millennium p y c) for more than two years before joining Treo, where he is part of the bidding construction team, providing project estimates based on drawings, budgets and client requirements.

Francisco Astudillo

Project Manager
Francisco Astudillo – Project Manager

Francisco was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering followed by a specialization in Project Management. He started his career as a Construction Supervisor and worked his way up to become a Project Manager, gaining valuable skills and knowledge along the way in all phases of construction operations. His experience ranges from single family residential homes to multi-family residential complexes with over 500 housing units and commercial centers with more than 200 offices.

He moved to Miami in 2020 to continue his professional career with Treo, and is committed to contributing to the company’s success by ensuring the quality and profitability of projects under his supervision.

Giselle Henao

Community Manager, Multifamily Developments
Giselle Henao - Community Manager, Multifamily Developments

Giselle was born and raised in New York City where she received her double major in Bachelor of Arts focused on Latin American and Latino Studies; Communications and Media Industries from Fordham University.

After working for a non-for-profit medical organization she has a proven background overseeing Project Management, Process Analysis, Data Analysis, and Compliance with and on behalf of Program Directors and Managers.

She relocated to Miami in 2019. Giselle joined TREO where she was able to merge all her attributes of management, hospitality, and love for design. As a Community Manager for TREO, Giselle is responsible for managing and overseeing TREO’s multi-family construction units.

Guy Steele-Perkins

Marketing Director
Guy Steele-Perkins – Marketing Director

Guy is an award-winning marketing professional from London, England with a passion for building highly engaged teams through adaptive leadership and clarity of purpose. A versatile brand and digital marketer, Guy previously held the role of marketing director at TSK Architects in Las Vegas, where he designed and delivered a transformation in the firm’s marketing and collaboration capabilities, and Zyscovich LLC in Miami where he supported the firm’s leadership in a business development role.

Guy has a Master’s in Strategic Marketing Management from the University of Kingston and is a self-confessed quality obsessive.