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The most valuable assets in our portfolio are our people. The beautiful homes and developments we bring to life and the unique, luxurious experiences we create are testaments to the amazing talent we have on staff. We’re always on the lookout for great people and work hard to be the kind of place where talented individuals have the space and support to they need to thrive, innovate, and contribute in meaningful ways. If that sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, check out our open positions today and join our team. 

We’re currently recruiting for the following positions, click on the link below to read the job specifications.

Success at TREO

Ideas: We believe in a meritocracy of ideas. We look to every member of our team to contribute to the conversation in the firm.

Knowledge: We believe that lifelong learning is a key contributor to expertise. Nobody is expected to know everything, but we do encourage our team to pursue answers passionately, develop new skills, and deepen our collective knowledge.

Service: We strive for excellence in the concept, quality and delivery of our work.

Individual: A team is made up of individuals. We value individuals who bring the highest standards of excellence and personal integrity in the way they work. Each person can develop and contribute their attributes, skills and knowledge to support the mission of the firm.

Team: We value the power of interdisciplinary integration. A positive team culture in which everyone collaborates openly towards our common goals is essential.

Firm: We’re developing a reputation for excellence and making a strong contribution to our communities. We are constantly innovating and attempting to bring new approaches, solutions and process to our projects.

Compensation for all our roles is commensurate with ability and experience. No phone calls please. We prefer that candidates upload their resume using the form provided on the job specification page.